Advanse offers companies and institutions native US business expertise, cross-cultural and language proficiency, and operational efficiency gained through more than 25 years of international business experience. Our track record of success demonstrates our strong commitment to clients’ success.

What Is Your Challenge?

Whether you need to prepare for going international—with practical training or consulting assistance for research, analysis and recommendations…

Or need help to implement your international plans—selecting the right partner or location, establishing your company, negotiating an effective agreement…

Advanse provides the tools and assistance you need to thrive.

Advanse supports companies, governments and institutions in Europe, North Africa and North America with the tools and assistance they need to prepare themselves, implement their plans and thrive in the global economy.

How Can We Help?

  • Training– Advanse’s full-immersion experiential learning programs enable you to develop knowledge and expertise in American business culture, practices, and management as well as professional-level proficiency in English.
    • Customized executive internships for emerging and established professionals in a variety of industries and functions
    • Summer and semester-long training and internships for university students and recent graduates
  • Operational Consulting – Advanse’s information, analysis and assistance enable you to successfully enter international (particularly American) markets through partnering, sourcing or direct investment.
  • Hosting – Advanse’s hosting and incubation program, MBA2 (Managed Business Assets in America), enables you to establish a cost-effective US business presence.

Advanse is the ideal partner to help you and your company realize your international potential.


Advanse was created in 1984 by Electricité de France (EdF), the French energy company. Its first missions were to assist in international economic development as France shifted from fossil fuel to nuclear energy for power production. This work included creating international development strategies for regions and local companies, assisting businesses in growing internationally through partnerships and foreign direct investment, attracting international companies to selected areas in France and helping foster the creation of new companies through support and funding for entrepreneurship and technology transfer. In 1999, as part of a strategic refocusing on its core business of energy, EdF sold Advanse to Linda Ferri, its current president and CEO. Ms. Ferri expanded Advanse’s geographic coverage beyond Europe and the US to include North Africa and refocused Advanse’s services on training, operational consulting and hosting. Advanse today is an independent, woman-owned international consulting firm.