Advanse International Management Team


One reason Advanse’s services are so efficient and cost-effective is our business model: instead of trying to force your project to fit the capacities of our staff, we put together the ideal team to fit your project. We can do this because we maintain a small, versatile core team that assembles and manages a tailored team of experts for each project—by industry, function, technology and geography. Because we call on these experts only as they are needed, costs are minimized and efficiency is maximized. In many cases we have worked with our broad and deep network of expert partners for as long as 20 years.

Partial list of our partners:

Sarah Munroe
The Munroe Group – US

Alessandro Riccini
Advanse Consulting Partner – Italy

Karen Decker

Diane Alleva Caceres
Market Access International – US

Jay Spiegel
Spiegel Law – US

Mike McLaughlin
Kamino International – US

Jill Lopes
Argy, Wiltse & Robinson – US

Rodger Charin
Rodger W. Charin, PLC – US

Isabelle Castellanet
IXC – France

Alain Gallez
Eventis – Belgium

Lydia Montalti
Core Advice – UK

Gérard de Giovanni
Meije Development – France

Christophe Dulong
DME – France

Chafika Chamas
CCM Consulting Group – Tunisia


Linda Ferri, president of Advanse International, has more than 25 years of experience in accompanying European, North African and North American companies and institutions in their international development. Assistance ranges from preparing and implementing international development strategies, to identifying and negotiating with strategic partners, researching and implementing foreign direct investments, and incubating US operations of foreign clients (for which she often serves as director of operations).  Ms. Ferri helps clients achieve international growth and profitability by leveraging partnerships across the business spectrum, from operations, marketing, and finance, to administration and logistics.

cum laude graduate of Georgetown University with a degree in Arabic and international business, Ms. Ferri also holds an International Executive Education Certificate from Georgetown University in international finance and global markets. She has traveled extensively in Europe and North Africa; has studied in Fiesole, Italy and in Dijon, France; and is fluent in Italian and French and conversant in Arabic.

Immediately before joining Advanse, Ms. Ferri created and led the commercial market research organization and contributed to the strategic planning process at Robbins-Gioia, a project management software and services firm in the Washington, DC area. Her work was instrumental in the company’s successful launch into the commercial arena, after many years of selling almost exclusively to the US government.

Ms. Ferri began her career with seven years as a consultant at Kaiser Associates, an international strategic planning and consulting firm that serves Fortune 500 clients. She gained a broad background, working in all phases of the value-added chain—R&D, manufacturing, marketing and distribution—with industries ranging from biotechnology and biomedicine to automotive, aerospace, consumer products, agribusiness, industrial products, telecommunications, imaging, steel, chemicals/pharmaceuticals and electronics.

Ms. Ferri is active in her community, focusing on children, education and the arts.  She is a board member and Treasurer of AFYP Stages, a community theater organization for young people, and sings and serves as Secretary on the board of the Vienna Choral Society. She is an active member in the Parent-Teacher Associations and volunteers frequently at her children’s schools.