Job Searches And Digital Footprints – What If You’re Not Online?

“What if I’m not on Facebook?”

It’s an interesting question that emerged out of a presentation we gave at the Spring 2014 AMERIGO session. The presentation, entitled “Who Are You, Again?” was an overview of how to comport ourselves online, now that the digital world intersects with almost all aspects of real life, especially our professional lives and job searches.

The fact is, most of us now have an online presence and a digital footprint. Whether it’s intentional or not, on social media, through online comments, a personal website, or just through apps, we’re all online. We find one another and stay in touch online. College admissions staff, professional recruiters, potential employers, and colleagues certainly know how to find us and do their due diligence on us online. And after 15 years of using social media, we’re all aware of certain basics. Namely the lack of privacy and the imperative to keep things clean.

But there are still a few among us who eschew social media. And for them, the question arises – what if you’re not on FaceTweetGooglePlus at a time that everyone else is? What if people simply can’t find you? What does it say about you if a hiring manager is wondering whether you’re a good fit for the company and everyone else has a bit more information about them but you do not? Should you worry?

Our short answer—no.

The longer answer is a bit more complicated.

First of all, if you are not on social media by choice—congratulations on bucking a trend that many of us do not enjoy but have grudgingly come to consider a necessary evil in today’s business environment. That said …

one yellow peep among blue peeps

Which One Are You? (image via Kate Ter Haar)

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What Are Your Resolutions For 2014?

30 March 2007

What’s next? (image via ccarlstead)

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How Many Resumes Do You Need?

giant stack of resumes

How many resumes do you need? How ever many it takes to stand out!

How many resumes does a job hunt require?  

Ever the question! And yes, you’re going to be annoyed that the answer is another question, but here you go: “How many jobs are you applying for and on how many platforms are you job hunting?”

Welcome to job hunting in the age of the Internet. The days of creating one generic resume are long dead. Yes, you should have a paper one, and unless you are truly new to the Internet, you are probably aware that you should be on LinkedIn, at the very least. But there are few more things you should know:

There isn’t just one resume.

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If College Is The New High School….

Little known JOBS PROGRAM provides plenty of work for everyone

What do you want to do with your life? (Image courtesy woodleywonderworks)

It Takes a B.A. to Find a Job as a File Clerk

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Is Your Social Media Hurting Your Job Search?

If there is one piece of advice we’d add to the evergreen advice to “Wear Sunscreen,” we would say:

“Dear Graduate – clean up your electronic footprint! That is all.”

Let us explain…

Once upon a time, a long time ago, before the Internet, new college graduates did some standard things as they approached graduation day: haunted the career center, wrote up a resume, bought appropriate work attire, pounded the pavement for work.

Some of that hasn’t changed. Rising seniors still haunt the career center, write up a resume, and buy appropriate work attire. But today, the networking begins well before you ever set foot in an office or come face-to-face with a real person. And a lot of it happens whether or not you actually initiate contact, courtesy of your social media and electronic footprint.

Your Facebook page, your twitter feed, that random comment you posted on some forum that you haven’t gone back to for years? How about the drunk tweets, hungover status updates, or goofy photos? They all feed into your online presence and tells prospective employers a fuller picture of you than what your formal resume provides.

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