Advanse Consulting Programs

From helping you decide whether and how to enter a new market to putting your plans into action, Advanse offers a suite of services tailored to your specific needs that will make your international project a successful reality.







Here are some of the types of challenges that Advanse’s customized consulting services can help you meet:


Market validation answers important questions: Is the US the right market for your product or service? Is there a need for what you offer? How large is the opportunity? What are the trends in your market? How fast is it growing? Where is your market concentrated—on the East Coast, in the Midwest, on the West Coast, in large cities or rural areas? Should you approach the market through direct sales, a distribution arrangement, a partnership, or on-site production? Do you need regulatory approvals and, if so, how do you get them? Who are your key competitors? How do you compare with them?

Advanse’s market validation gives you the information and analysis to decide if and how to enter the US market. It can be concise and high level or in-depth and detailed.


Using the results of the market validation, Advanse helps you create the right action plan and timeline to take advantage of your opportunities in the US market, from getting the necessary regulatory approvals or safety certifications to creating a US legal entity, to finding the right partner or setting up operations.

Advanse outlines the necessary steps for you and identifies their associated costs and time requirements; plus, we can support you throughout the implementation process.


Often the most effective way to enter the US market is through a partnering agreement. The right partner can help you navigate the regulatory requirements, provide you with immediate in-country manufacturing capabilities, give you access to an established sales and distribution network that is already selling to your target market and provide you with an insider’s knowledge of business culture and practices as well as native English language capabilities. Partnering is a way to minimize risk and maximize your chances for success.

Advanse’s partner search services start with the profile of your ideal partner—the perfect complement to your capabilities and expertise. We then identify and screen companies that meet the ideal profile and recommend the top candidates. We introduce you to those candidates and accompany you through discussions and negotiations to conclude a partnership agreement.


From finding your partner to preparing strategy and helping you navigate the complexities of different cultures and business practices at the negotiating table, Advanse can be at your side by request, through part or all of the process.


Perhaps you want to learn what US customers think of your product or service. Maybe you need to vet the company that approached you as a potential distributor. Perhaps you need to understand how the hospital purchasing system works. Or maybe you need to know how you can sell your component part to a major manufacturer in your industry, or who produces a certain component material of your product in the US and what their prices are. Advanse develops business intelligence that is tailored to answer your specific questions.