Clothes Make The Man, Unless You’re The Boss

Mark Zuckerberg. You might have heard a bit about him over the weekend. The facebook honcho took a hit from GM, took his company public, and oh yeah, quietly took the plunge with his long-time girlfriend. And the first thing everyone noticed about the famously hoodied entrepreneur is that he suited up for his wedding.

facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and his bride, Priscilla Chan

Well, yes.

Because even Zuckerberg, one of the most influential people on the planet, dresses appropriately for the occasion. He could take his company public in a hoodie because arguably that was part of the Facebook brand. And frankly it’s something you can do when you own just under 56% of stock in one of the few genuine phenom companies of the age.*

Sheryl Sandberg, second on the left, not in a hoodie

But you’ll notice that standing next to him in the IPO pictures is Sheryl Sandberg. In case you’re wondering who she is, Sandberg is the marketing wiz who left Google (where she went through that company’s IPO) for Facebook and helped it grow internationally Remember when Facebook was an English-only largely North American presence. Few people do. The fact that Facebook is now international and accessible in many languages including Pirate? That’s Sandberg’s doing. She was one of the early grown-ups at Google, and she’s the grown-up in the picture at Facebook. She’s not in a hoodie.

The point is one we’ve made before – dress for the job you want, and dress appropriately for the occasion. There are exceptions of course, for those who own half the company.

* Zuckerberg has famously shed the hoodie once before at a major event – that was when he met President Obama. For that august occasion, he wore a jacket and a shirt, no tie. He kept the jeans and informal shoes.