Graduation Advice You Should Hear More Often

It’s graduation season, with many an esteemed speaker sharing words of timeless wisdom with you about your place in the world. Well, we’re not them. So we’ll stick to unsexy basics that every graduate should know, but that you’re never going to hear about at commencement. (Probably because they’re even more timeless bits of wisdom that your loving parents—many of whom may have helped pay for your expensive education—have been sending your way from the day you were born.)

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Entrepreneurship 101, via Chef Geoff

One of the important components of Advanse’s training programs is business visits. And our departing Summer 2013 SPRINTers had a unique and really enjoyable business visit experience. They got to visit with Chef Geoff Tracy, the very successful founder of the Chef Geoff restaurant empire. (And yes, you didn’t read that wrong, they got to “visit with” him. To visit with someone, to say you “visited” is an American expression for spending time with someone.)


Summer 2013 SPRINTers visit with Geoff Tracy (far right) of Chef Geoff.

Chef Geoff took time out of his busy schedule to talk to our SPRINTers and share his thoughts on entrepreneurship. And we’re not kidding about the busy part. He runs six restaurants, splits his time between New York city (where his family currently lives) and Washington DC, is married to a high profile journalist with an equally demanding schedule, and has three young children including twins. Did we mention that he had no background in the industry, and in fact, graduated college with a degree in theology?

So how did he get this far and how does he hold it all together? Simple: Tracy epitomizes the saying that if you do what you love, it’ll never feel like work.


Geoff Tracy answers SPRINTers’ questions on entrepreneurship.

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