American Manners : Informal, Not Absent

Mike Tigas/The Maneater Officers and members of the Missouri International Student Council eat together at the Council's inaugural dinner, Saturday night.  New officers were announced and founding officers were recognized at the event.

image via Mike Tigas

Some of the biggest educational moments for our interns do not happen in class or during work. They happen in cultural exchanges during lunch, after work, outside the classroom, or between work assignments. In other words, in daily life.

We’ve already covered some of these educational differences – like the shock of the two-week summer vacation, or the difference between vacations, a holiday, and “the holidays.” But there are many cultural things that do not appear or get fully explained in guide or text books. And they are worth pointing out to newcomers, because they truly make a huge difference in how our interns enjoy their stay in the US. Two of them are about the perceived informality in the US. [Read more…]