Your Summer To-Do List

to-do list pad, image courtesy of courtney dirks on flickr

(image via Courtney Dirks)

The summer is when students finally get to slow down, especially if you’ve just finished your first year of college or are a sophomore. Finals are over, even summer school may be over. All you have is part of July and August, and gloriously lazy days at the beach until school starts back up. And you aren’t nearly as stressed as rising juniors or seniors who are closer to graduation, and more pressed to find jobs. You actually get to kick back!

However now is also the time you should add the following four things to your to-do list. And they won’t wreck your beach schedule, in fact at least one thing in this listicle will take all of five minutes. But the results can be long lasting and in your favor. [Read more…]

What Are Your Resolutions For 2014?

30 March 2007

What’s next? (image via ccarlstead)

The year is now two weeks old, but it’s never too late to make resolutions, and set some goals. And if you are a senior (either college or high school), you should definitely make the following your goals for the next three months: [Read more…]