Why An Internship?

intern on floor while others stand around her

image by Travis Isaac


Why an internship? The question arises frequently. Here is why we think they’re still a useful, and frequently indispensable part of a college student’s journey from college to career:

A college education and basic work skills aren’t the same thing.

It is probably a massive understatement to say that college educations and the way we learn to work vary greatly around the world. But the fact is many educational systems emphasize “book learning” even more than we do here in the US. Furthermore, many of the small unprofessional jobs open to students in the US from middle school onwards simply do not exist elsewhere—the paper route, babysitting, bagging groceries—unless perhaps your family owns the business in question. It is not uncommon for our interns to frequently arrive in the US with no real experience whatsoever. They’ve never answered a phone, had a boss, taken orders, been part of a staff or a staff meeting. An internship, particularly in a foreign country, offers real life experience so that an education becomes useful and marketable in the global business world[Read more…]