Graduation Advice You Should Hear More Often

It’s graduation season, with many an esteemed speaker sharing words of timeless wisdom with you about your place in the world. Well, we’re not them. So we’ll stick to unsexy basics that every graduate should know, but that you’re never going to hear about at commencement. (Probably because they’re even more timeless bits of wisdom that your loving parents—many of whom may have helped pay for your expensive education—have been sending your way from the day you were born.)

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The Phenomenon Of “Time Is Money”

Third in a series of guest posts from Maura Brennan: 

Time is money. How many times have you heard that phrase? Too many, probably. But the phrase sums up a major part of American business culture, as well as the “American psyche.”

Think about it. Everything we do as Americans revolves around being effective and efficient workers. What is the primary way to produce quality results? To utilize all time with the utmost care.

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