Whether you’re a youth trying to land that elusive first job or an executive looking for career enhancement, Advanse offers an experiential learning opportunity tailored to your needs.


As a university student or recent graduate you face an apparent contradiction: you need experience in order to be hired, but you need to be hired in order to gain experience. That first job is hard to get! And more and more employers are requiring international experience and proficiency in English.

Advanse offers solutions to the problem: standard and customized training and internship programs for a summer, semester, or longer. Through total immersion in the English-speaking environment of the US, an internship in a US organization, and a variety of international business events and activities, you will perfect your business English and gain practical experience and knowledge of US culture, business practices and management styles. At the end of the program, you’ll be equipped for a job with a multinational or a growing company in your home country or even to start your own company.


As an executive or manager, you face challenges—a new environment or country, new technologies or processes, a new industry segment or function—and you must succeed…

  • Quickly—you must hit the ground running
  • With no time for lengthy, theoretical training courses
  • With no opportunity for on-the-job training
  • The first time—failure is not an option

Advanse offers the solution for meeting such challenges—a tailored “executive internship” with an organization in your industry or sector in the US where you can perfect your business English, establish new network relationships, and gain the practical experience and knowledge you need to succeed.

Based on your requirements, we identify best-in-class organizations in your field, work with you to select the preferred organization(s), negotiate the details of the internship with them (activities and tasks, mentorship, location, etc), arrange all logistics and monitor your progress throughout the internship. Upon request, internships may begin with intensive courses in business English.


As a current or emerging leader in your field, you need to stay current on trends, technologies, processes and opportunities. Advanse can organize concentrated study or discovery missions for groups ranging from 5 to 50 or more on the topic of your choice. These missions typically last one to two weeks and include visits to leading companies or institutions in your field. Based on your requirements, we identify best-in-class organizations in that field, arrange for in-depth visits and discussions with them and manage all the logistics for the group (travel, lodging, transportation, simultaneous translation, etc). Previous missions have dealt with gas air-conditioning technology, automotive suppliers and their changing role in the industry, commercial electric cooking technologies, city management, economic development programs, business incubators and electric vehicles.